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     Should I remove Torque Management
Most of the time, TM should be removed in percentages. With a stock transmission, 50% reduction in TM is perfect. With a rebuilt transmission, 100% can be removed.

How are the tunes installed?
The new file is overwritten into PCM in under 30 seconds. The original file is copied and saved for future reference.

How are tunes using HP Tuners MPVI different from Handheld Programmer?
Handheld Programmers only change a few tables that are designed for the masses. With HP Tuners, I can make many more changes that extract the full potential from your vehicle. Since every vehicle is different, the tune should be different too.

How long does it take to tune a PCM with HP Tuners?
With a basic tune, 1.5 hours. With the full tune, 4-6 hours depending on the complexity of the modifications.

How does a street tune differ from a dyno tune?
The street tune is the best when setting up the part throttle characteristics. The dyno cannot simulate the street conditions like airflow, temperature changes and rolling resistance. Unless the dyno is an eddy current dyno, most shops have the inertia based dynos. The dyno is great for dialing the AFR and maximizing ignition timing. The tune should be design for the way you drive and not for wide open throttle only.

Can you eliminate the sluggishness of the automatic transmission equipped vehicles?
Yes, the shifting characteristics are extremely conservative in stock form. Properties like shift pressure, shift speeds and torque converter lock up properties are all optimized for each vehicle.

What is expected for horsepower and MPG improvements?
Performance and drivability are improved along with throttle response. With many changes, there is a lot less  lag and you have better midrange power for normal driving. On average, an increase of ~ 2 mpg is the norm.

Is there a Performance/Haul Mode available with HP Tuners?
Yes, these are changes to the transmission shifting characteristics. This can be used for "track" settings that can be turned off during normal driving. There are no engine parameters associated with this mode.

Is there a difference between various octane tunes?
Higher octane allows more timing. Depending on the vehicle, more timing may not yield more power. The best option is to design the tune around the recommended octane rating from the manufacturer. If the engine has been modified like raising the compression or forced induction, higher octane will be needed. 

Does tuning decrease the life of the powertrain?
No, most of the changes will increase the life of the powertrain by removing much of the inefficiencies.  Proper maintenance is still key to longevity.

Is the PCM locked after tuning?
No. Unlike other tuners, we believe YOU should have access to your PCM at any time.

What is the difference between open loop and closed loop modes?
Open loop relies on a few tables for fueling and receives no feedback from the Oxygen Sensors. Closed loop utilizes feedback from the oxygen sensors to maintain 14.7:1 AFR at part throttle. At wide open throttle, the PCM goes into open loop and why it is necessary to check the AFR with a wideband sensor.

Why is a wideband oxygen sensor required for open loop tuning?
 The stock narrowband oxygen sensors only read from 0-1000 mVdc. These are only accurate in the
 14.7 AFR range for closed loop tuning. Once the car is in open loop, the readback voltage is not accurate enough
 to determine the actual AFR. The wideband is accurate from 10-20 AFR and used to adjust the fueling to
 the desired AFR. If you are not using a WBO2 then, it is all guess work.

Why should I use your tuning over a "shop"? 
 My approach is different in that I treat every customer's vehicle as if it were my own. The tuning plan is applied
 the same way to every vehicle, every time. My tunes take time and will be right. I am not in the business to tune
 fast and not be thorough.  There are many tables that are overlooked by shop tuners due to the extra time it takes
 to get the best possible tune.

What operating system options are available for extreme applications?
 HP Tuners has several custom operating systems that range from Enhanced MAF, Speed Density Only,
 and 1-3 BAR for boosted applications.

It is possible to modify the Body Control Module (BCM)?
No, HP Tuners only reads and modifies the VCM. Tech II, from GM, is the most popular method in modifying the

Are Re-tunes free?
All tunes have a 60 day warranty for the date of purchase. This includes any tuning package that RPT offers and does not include and hardware upgrades.

NOTE: Re-tunes do not include dyno time. Dyno time falls under the $60 for 2 pulls or $80 per hour.


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